Green Recovery of China Luggage Leather Industry

12 octombrie 2010

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The latest information supplied by China Leather Association shows that, after the baptism of financial crisis, China leather industry has entered the recovery channel since the second half of last year. From Jan to Jun of this year, China’s large-scale leather, fur and products enterprises had achieved 325.5 billion Yuan industrial output value, with a year-on-year increase of 25.4%, the growth rate had increased 18.2 percentage points compared with the same period of last year. The leather-making industry is not only the basis of China leather handbag industry, but also is the starting point and origin of the industrial chain. China International Leather Exhibitions that hold in past years all had collect different scales enterprises in leather-making industry, and exhibited all kinds of products such as pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin and so on.

In this year’s exhibition, the leather-making enterprises not only exhibited a rich supply of fine leather, but also paid attention to build their image of environmental protection. Take Yatai Tannery, Ruixing Tannery, Zhejiang Fubang, Brother Tannery as representative enterprises, they put relevant signs in eye-catching places, as well as actively elaborate the concept of their environmental protection and products for handbags buyers, which built a beautiful green landscape.

With the trend of low-carbon economy, ecological leather products have become the market favorites. Based on this, some leather-making enterprises have increased the strength of reconstructing production site, upgrading equipments and researching and developing new handbag products. They have developed a large number of new ecological leather products, which has not only created the achievement that both production and marketing are thriving, but also enlarged the market share rapidly. However, other enterprises promote their “ecological leather with genuine leather logo” brands, which has attracted a large number of high-end customers at home and abroad, successfully achieved the anti-marketing flying.

Except leather industry, leather jewelry chemicals and leather machinery industry, which support leather processing industry to develop virtuously, now are making a big fuss about environment protection and low-carbon through technological innovation. In this exhibition, domestic famous chemical enterprises such as Dongyang Chemical, Brother Chemical and Donghua Chemical all have displayed their new products and technologies, for example, newly developed green surfactant, chromium-free tanning jewellery technology, new leather chemicals and so on. As some leather machinery manufacturers are speeding up the elimination of backward equipments and accelerating the pace of researching and developing new high energy-efficient equipments, so they have promoted high energy-efficient shoe machinery with new motor to the buauty tools market.

As for the consumption endpoint, downstream manufacturers of leather industry also have felt the changes in consumption market observantly, so they begin to promote the brands of environmental protection and low-carbon. In China International Footwear Fair and China International Luggage, Fur Garments and Apparel exhibition hall, a lot of shoes, luggage and fur products that are made of new green materials have attracted many people’s beauty products attention. At present, there are more and more leather manufacturers and high-quality products production base have started the low-carbon development strategy in order to enhance the influential power of their corporate brands and regional brands. Moreover, now many leather garment steam manufacturing enterprises are cleaning their production environment through air cleaning, especially adopting the measures of smoke desulfurization and sewage treatment, which can eliminate waste gas and pollution. In this exhibition, many exhibitors also use paper bags instead of plastic bags, although it is only a small change, but it has transmitted the information to the market that leather manufacturing enterprises are actively practising their social responsibility in reducing the white pollution, training consumers’ environmental women garments protection concept. China leather industry is committed to develop the strategy of green manufacturing, and using limited natural resources to supply more healthy, low-carbon and fashion goods, which has been highly recognized by international counterparts.

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