Three Major Bottlenecks in China’s LED Industry Development

21 septembrie 2010

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In China there are more than 3,000 led enterprises, 70% of them concentrating in the downstream industry. The LED packaging products have ranked first level in the world, but the technical level and products quality are uneven. At present the LED mainstream technology patents are mostly hold by the developed countries, and the independent intellectual property and core technologies are lacking in China. Even the enterprises development are facing the growing patent risk, the backward production equipments, and the hard industrialization of research findings. These reasons bring the current situation of the middle-stream and upstream shrinkage, while the light downstream expansion in Chinese LED industry.

Mr. Zong Peimin, the board chairman of Zhe Jiang Huarui Investment Management Co., Ltd., as the investor for several LED enterprises, he thinks there are some obstacles should be overcame for China’s LED industry:

First of all, to improve the uv light luminous efficiency. If LED lights indeed want to enter into the common consumer families, the warm white color series of the LED luminous efficiency need to be increased to more than 100lm/W (lumens/watt). Therefore the lighting costs can be decreased by 25% and its electricity costs will have more advantages than traditional bulb’s.

Second, to solve the cooling problem. The high-power LED has high requirements in cooling air cleaner techniques, when the ambient temperature reaches a certain height the LED will produce luminous decay that can result in the LED life decreasing. So only if the cooling problems of high-power LED are solved can the applications of high-power LED be promoted in large scale.

The last point, to cut down the lamp prices. Price is the key factor that directly affects the speed of LED lighting popularity. Although the total cost of LED lamps (including the acquisition cost + Energy cost + maintenance cost + waste disposal cost) is lower than the incandescent and fluorescent outdoof furniture, but the acquisition cost is still the top selection standard for consumers and they do not care about the high quality or versatility.

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